Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Things are about the same

Dad called this Wednesday morning.  Things are about the same there.  Ev is receiving some medication when she becomes agitated so that she can be comfortable.  Her right hand is reaching for something, so they gave her a soft red pillow to hold and that seems to be of some help.

Dad said a young minster from Garner came to visit.  He chatted with Dad quite awhile and then conducted a little service.  Dad said it wasn't too carried away so he thought it was good.  Dad said he told this young man "I believe in first impressions, and you just made a good one."

The nurses tell Dad that Ev's Blood Pressure is just slightly above normal.  He is amazed that the body can go without nourishment, but the nurses have assured him that her body is not calling for nourishment.

Dad mentioned with a heavy sigh all of the decisions that will have to be made.  He wants to try to call his attorney and start talking to him about things.  So, that made me think he is starting to think about his future.

Today Dad mentioned a memorial service.  I'm still not clear on what the O'Toole kids want to do, but I told Dad that when the time is right, we Johansens would like to have a celebration of Ev's life.  Ev loves parties.

Jim Swenson had been there this morning "to get his orders".  So, he was headed back to Belmond to get a few necessary items for Dad.  His appointment calendar so that they can cancel appts & one of Dad's hearing aids that is not working.  Dad is hoping to keep a Friday appt. with the VA Hearing Aid technician.  That appt is right there in Mason City, not too far from the hospice, so I'm sure that can work out.

This morning I was able to contact a few more of Dad & Ev's pals from their campground hosting days at Charlton in Arkansas and I also spoke to Dad's cousin Erling Grumstrup in Solvang.  An email was sent to all the Seabee folks that I have email addresses for.

Dad has the cell phone, whether he answers it or not, is dependent on what is going on.  I'm sure he would like a few calls.  303/949-3944  I'm not sure he can retrieve messages, but eventually I'll be able to help him with that.  But just know that if you leave a message, he may not get it.

The West Denmark pastor has added Dad & Ev to their prayer list.

Dad's surprise 80th birthday party in Hot Springs, AR

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