Sunday, August 3, 2014

Wildlife at Big Moon

I stopped in to see Glenn and Kathy at their Big Moon Lake cottage on Friday afternoon.
Glenn was busy raking the lake, 
this will make it nice for the little swimmers who don't like the weeds on their toes.
He was very far out and the water was still shallow.
I sat on the pontoon boat, got some sun and chatted with him while he worked.

A Great Blue Heron did a fly by.
Impressive bird, he tried to land close to the dock, but then saw humans.
During the week, he probably has the lake to himself, and I bet he likes it.
An Eastern Amberwing Dragonfly was sunning itself on the pontoon loop.
He looked like he was made of gold.
I'm not sure I've ever seen such a golden colored dragonfly, spectacular in the bright sun.
Eastern Amberwing Dragonfly
The J boys, Jackson & Jake, were there with their grandparents.
They are at that age where they hate photos, so it's no fun to try to get any pictures of them.
I'll be happy when they outgrow that stage.
More wildlife at Big Moon.
But, sadly, this wildlife is very camera avoid-ant right now...

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