Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fish Lake wiithout the fish

On Saturday I made it to the Crex Meadows Visitor Center for the monthly meeting of the photo club.  It's fun to see my photos on the big screen and I always learn something from the critique of my photos and the photos taken by the other members.

After lunch, my friend Kathy and I went in search of an endangered butterfly, the Blue Karner.  We spent a couple of hours out in the Fish Lake Wildlife Area.

Kathy, in search of ?

Blue Karner, endangered in the state of Wisconsin

About the size of a dime in real life

Remote and beautiful.

Viceroy butterfly

Monarch butterfly

We spooked a couple of Sandhill Cranes as we got out of the car.

Always one of my favorite, the swans.

The swan was not that interested in hanging out by us.

It was a good day behind the lens.
I wasn't as pleased with my photos as I would have liked to have been, but one of my settings was wrong, so I learned a lesson about double checking my equipment.

I didn't see any fish, but I liked what I saw in the Fish Lake Wildlife Area.

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