Friday, August 29, 2014

Whatta circus!

I did not sleep very well last night, so after having my cereal at about 7, I got a blanket and took off the front of my boot, got a pillow under my leg, covered up and started to watch HGTV. 
The next thing I know the doorbell rings.
I was really out of it, but I looked at the clock and saw it was mailman time. 
So, I snap down the recliner footrest, the boot flies off my leg, and that certainly surprised me & woke me up!

Of course, for a groggy instant, I had given no thought to the fact I had taken off the front half of the boot when I settled into the chair.  So, I grabbed that, put it back on and scrambled to find the top, got it on, secured the straps, reached for my scooter and pulledit close enough to get up and finally started to the door. 
I had set my cereal bowl on the floor near the recliner so my kitties could have the leftover milk, so of course,  I ran over the spoon with the scooter, it flipped into the air.  Geesh!

Finally, I get safely rolling and, bless his heart, when I FINALLY got there, my verrrry patient mailman was still standing at the door with a package!!

What a three ring circus!

I learned a lesson about napping with the cast not strapped on, but since there is a bulky bandage around my ankle, no harm done. 

But it really made me laugh afterwards. It would have been quite a sight to see me as I was fumbling around!

The package was filled with home made cookies and bars from Colorado pal LeAnna.  She also sent an old cookbook that had belonged to her Aunt Lois. It was a wonderful surprise and the circus of getting to the door is still making me chuckle!

Here is the card LeAnna sent.  I love it, and think I might show it to my surgeon.

Happy Friday!

Wanda Johansen
from my Note II

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