Sunday, August 24, 2014

Just For Men

Last weekend, I drove to Iowa on Thursday and stayed overnight.
The next day, I drove Dad to Baldwin Wisconsin for a day of poker playing with his sons and grandsons.
We went a day early so that we could be checked in Friday night and Dad could get rested up for the Saturday gathering of his sons, & grandsons.
We took the back-roads on our trek to Baldwin.  Since we were not in any rush, why not.
It was a perfect day for a drive, sunshine and puffy clouds.
Our stop in Rose Creek included some ice cream, coffee, and a fun visit with the proprietor of a place that I think might be perfect for a quilt retreat.
Our route North
It was a unexpected to see Andy and Alyxis show up while Dad and I were eating supper in Baldwin at the Phoenix Grill.  A very nice surprise.
Valdemar and Alyxis
Great Grandpa & Great Granddaughter
Saturday was a lazy day.  Dad and I took a drive to see the country side around Baldwin.
The little town of Woodville had a little festival going on called UFF DA Days.
A few folks selling their wares on main street and a few antique tractors.
After lunch, Dad had a nap, and then the hunters started to roll in.

This was a men only day, but I begged my way in to take a few quick photos.
They even let me roll some dice, of course
I had to borrow my ante money, but then I won enough to pay them back, with interest.

My roll in the 6-5-4 game.
It was a winner!
Kyle presented Valdemar with a special bottle to mark the occasion.
Did you know that Brandy is a health drink?
Kyle, Andy, Gus, Kris & Valdemar & the bottle
Valdemar and the special jug

Dad's jug

The Korbel, Valdemar & Kyle
The game went on well into the night, I enjoyed by time in the Jacuzzi tub in my room with a cold beverage.
Sunday morning most had to get on their way, 
but Kyle, Gus, Dana, Jake & I had brunch at The Orchard Restaurant in Baldwin.
I sat next to Jake while we ate.
He's a talker.  He's six.
I asked him the name of his teacher for Kindergarten this year.
He explained to me that her name had been one thing but now was another because she had gotten married.
Then Jake told me that when he grows up, and gets married, his name is going to be Ha Ha Clinton Dix.
(I think this will take some getting used to, but he seemed pretty definite about his plan.)

Dad and I took our time getting back to Iowa, although we took a more direct route, crossing the Mississippi at Red Wing again and enjoying the drive.
I returned the Patriarch to Ev tired but in one piece.
I stayed overnight in Garner again and then headed back to Wisconsin on Monday.

My trip back went through Rochester, MN, where I had lunch with a Coors friend Ann Fahy Gust.
I stood up for Ann in her wedding to Mike Fahy and I worked with both Ann & Mike off and on for years at Coors before she went off to be a global brewer.
Mike is gone, he died too young, but he would be proud of his two children who are on their way to be very successful too.  Conor already is a brewer and Caity is working on her nursing degree.
It was a good visit and we caught up on our lives after Coors.

I got home Monday night, tired but delighted to have had such a fun trip.
The timing was perfect.
I hope we can do it all again next year.
And now, the ode.

Ode to The Johansen Hunters

The plan was hatched during a summer day,
The old hunting group to gather, poker to play.
Like in days of old at the Ol’ Line Hunting shack,
Laugh and lie and play cards, drink & eat a snack.

Kris was the organizer, who got all to commit to the date,
Wanda was the transportation, to make sure the patriarch wasn’t late.
So, we gathered in Baldwin, at the AmericInn, one and all,
The girls weren’t invited, as this was ‘just the men’ you’ll recall.

Kyle and Gus arrived from Luck with ribs and snacks and other stuff,
Kris from Alma, made sure all was in order, and it was, sure enough.
Dana had to work late, so he arrived after a long day cranking the wheel,
Ryan, slipped out of camp in Shell Lake, to make sure he didn’t miss this deal.

Andy and Glenn from Spring Valley came ready to play,
But no one was more ready than Valdemar on that Saturday.
Dressed in his orange gear, toting a money bag big enough for ‘the pile’,
Grandpa – Dad –Valdemar made everyone smile.

A group photo was taken, and then I left them alone,
After that, what happened? Only to those who were there, is that known.
But the cards were dealt and bets were laid,
An afternoon and evening of fun, and memories were made.

Dana, Andy, Ryan, Kris, Kyle
Glenn, Valdemar, Ralph
The Johansen Hunters

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