Sunday, August 31, 2014

Some things pretty much have to wait

I've figured out how to accomplish many tasks while I am recuperating, but there are a few things that are very tricky.
Washing clothes and getting them back into the closet is a major pain.  
I bought a cart that I can use to get the basket of clothes to the laundry room, but then the rest is pretty difficult.  I've decided that washing just a few things at a time might be better.  
I'll see how that goes.

I thought emptying the dishwasher would be hard, 
but it's actually pretty easy the way my kitchen is set up.

Sleeping is a struggle.  
But, there are some good nights and I can always nap in the recliner later.

Hauling the full trash barrels to the bottom of the driveway, impossible, 
I have to have someone do that for me.  
Hauling the empty barrels back up to the garage is very easy as they roll real nice on the pavement.

Cooking goes better than I expected, and with my carry bag on the front of the scooter, I can transport my drinks pretty safely and with minimal spillage.

Showering is working out well with the chair and hand held shower that I had for Dad.

But photography is almost impossible.  
I need two hands for the camera, so unless I am sitting down somewhere, I'm not able to take any photos.  Carrying the camera while I am on the scooter is not easy and so, 
I probably won't take very many, if any, photos until I am on two feet again.

I did snap a couple from my perch on the deck yesterday, as you can see, 
Fall is coming.
The impatiens are still blooming nicely as the sunflowers show their flowers

A few sunflowers were planted in the Spring, and they are starting to bloom.

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