Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nosy Busy-Body Retired Neighbor

Yes, that's my new job description.
I'm home for most of everyday, so I get to see what goes on in the neighborhood.
About 3 weeks ago, our township put a new surface on our little neighborhood road.  It's not my favorite, skim coat I think they call it.  I seem to haul pea gravel around in my shoes all the time now.
But it's done and that's fine.
Shortly after that job was done, I noticed fully loaded logging trucks were driving through our neighborhood.  The road in front of my house dead ends to the East.  The trucks were making the turn North on the East side of my yard.  Since I live right on the County Road, I could not figure out why these trucks were driving through our 'hood, on roads that don't go anywhere except to houses in a neighborhood with plenty of kids and dogs.
A fully loaded logging truck is a potential safety issue as their stopping power is...well, it takes a lot to stop that much weight.  It bothered me to see these trucks go by, then I'd forget about it and then I'd see another.  Finally, I saw that they were coming out of some property directly across the County Road and cutting over to take our streets.  It bugged me until I finally called our township Chairman.  He wasn't really letting me explain very well on the phone, and sort of poo pooed my concern, but said he would look at it.  Later that same evening, he called me back and said that I was justified in my concerns, he had taken care of it and that our road would not be posted with a weight limit.
He also gave me his personal cell phone number and asked me to call him if it happens again, because then it will be an issue for the sheriff.
I'm feeling pretty proud of myself that I got this handled, I wish I would have called about it sooner, but at least the trucks are no longer taking this short cut.
Safety First for our kids and pets and people in the neighborhood.

It pays to have a nosy busy-body retired woman in the neighborhood. 

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