Friday, August 15, 2014

It seems like a dream

I've been retired 6 years, but sometimes it feels like my Coors life happened to someone else.
A friend asked if I had a picture of a few of us that worked together and I found this golf outing shot.
This was a golf day not long before I left Colorado to move to Wisconsin.
Good friends who worked together and had fun together.
Great Beer.
It was a winning combination!
John Mueller-ret, Rick Paine-ret, Mike Murphy-ret, Wanda Johansen-ret, Mark Dujardin, Al Ramirez, Peter Coors
When this photo was taken, I was the only retiree, now 3 others have joined me.
Those folks back at the brewery have to be sure to keep the beer quality high and sales volumes up, we retirees are counting on them!

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