Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ode to surgery

It is the night before surgery
And I'm ready to go.
The cupboards & freezer are full
I'm ready to be taking it slow.

Nothing to eat after midnight
No coffee in the morning either, an empty stomach is the point.
Then off to Eau Claire Marshfield Clinic
Where a good doctor and his team will fix up my achy ankle joint.

It'll be good to have it done
And to be back home to rest.
So many offers to help and good wishes,
My family and friends are the best.

I checked the trail cams today
For the next six weeks they will be out of reach.
I found a picture of a nice doe who strolls through most nights
She looks like a real peach.

I have lots of photos to post from last weekend
The family men gathered to play poker all day & into the night.
I drove round trip to Iowa twice to get Dad, the miles flew as we chatted
A good time was had by all, and in a few days, a little story I will write.


Anonymous said...

I checked your blog after a friend suggested I check out your quilt retreat post - I think you must have worked with her husband at Coors. Little did she know that I grew up in St. Croix Falls! Crex Meadows, lakes, rivers, fall trees....Home! :>)

Wanda said...

You must be friends with Suzi. I'm glad to share my pictures of your 'home' with you. The quilting post is quite a while ago now, April I think. Thanks for stopping by.


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