Friday, February 1, 2013

Chilly Start to February

We started this morning with -17°
  There was a little wind to go with that temperature, so by the time I went out to get the mail, take the trash down to the road and fill the bird feeders, I was frozen.
I am ever amazed at how these little birds, and big birds too for that matter, survive these brutally cold days.

I don't often see Blue Jays in my yard, but today a couple have been busy at the feeder in the backyard.
They seem to always know when I am trying to take their photograph.
This guy didn't sit long enough for me to get a tack sharp shot.
And about as quick as I pushed the shutter button, off he went.
Messy take off!
Once again, I am lucky to have no reason to leave the house on a day like this.
Every day is a gift.

As I was sitting here writing the entry above, I looked out the window and was very surprised at what I saw.
This is not the usual visitor  that I see at the heated bird bath.
This calico has been on the deck before, if she is a stray, she is mighty tough to survive in this winter weather.
Well, I have seen this pretty little cat before on my deck on very cold days, I have no idea if she is a stray or maybe a cat let out of the house by some irresponsible owner.
I am not crazy about her hanging around my bird feeders, but the way she sat there and drank the water out of the bird bath, she was very thirsty so am glad she could get a drink here.
She's too skittish to catch with my bare hands, if I see her around more, I might have to try to lure her into a cage and rescue her.  It upsets me to think she might be surviving on her own in this weather.
And so it begins.
I can't stop thinking about little calico here, so I put together a box.
It is on the front porch away from the birds and where I can see it from inside the house.
A little dish of food and some blankets and shelter.  If she is a stray, hopefully she'll find this place.
And then we'll go from there.
I suppose a squirrel might find this as well.  We'll see.

The Meow Motel is open....Stray cats welcome.

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