Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A little winter walk

After I spent the morning on chores like vacuuming and cleaning carpets, I decided to make a run to drop off some items at Goodwill and then take a walk on the Red Cedar Trail.
I wasn't sure what kind of shape the trail would be in, I still am very careful around ice underfoot.
Heading North, the trail was pretty good.
Since I had left my earmuffs in the car, I didn't go very far.  About the time I was thinking of turning back, I met a sketchy looking fellow on the trail who asked if I had a cellphone he could borrow.  I said I didn't have one and he motored on, luckily.  This unnerved me a little bit as there was not much other traffic on the trail, as in none, so I headed back towards the car.
I took this photo of the river when I was almost back to the trailhead.
Nothing really special, but I always love snow and moving water.
I purposely took a photo with the branch in focus and river out of focus, but didn't notice until I got home and started looking at my pictures on the computer, that there was an easter egg in the picture.
I guess this bobber won't get to do it's job anymore.
This is the Red Cedar Trail where it splits off to the South near the street.  It must be in a different township or something, doesn't look like it has been maintained all winter.  I didn't venture on.

As I was walking up the hill to the car, I stopped to snap a photo of a large bird overhead.  It turned out to be a crow, out of focus, but when I brought the camera down, I saw I was about to nearly collide with a woman on a bicycle.  Not sure where she came from but it startled me.  As I walked away, I heard her call out to me, so I turned around.  She had ridden on a ways and then stopped.  I couldn't hear what she wanted, so walked a little ways towards her.  Finally I heard her asking me if I was taking her picture, because she doesn't like anyone to take her picture.  I assured her my camera was pointed at the sky.
I wonder if she was headed to find the guy who needed the cellphone. 
I don't think I'll spend anytime on the Red Cedar Trail until the weather warms up and there is a bit more foot traffic.
Owell, I got out of the house and got a few steps in and took a few photos.

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