Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weekend in Luck

It was a very nice weekend in Luck.  On Saturday, the whole family was around.  We were missing Dad & Ev and Laila and also Mark, Payton and Jack and Gage.  Else all were present.
Glenn played well in the basketball tournament and seemed none the worse for wear afterwards.  
No trophy this year but he had fun I think.  
I am always nervous as someone always gets hurt 
and some of the younger players are quite rough, they forget this is not the NBA finals I guess.
Glenn had a good section of fans.
Bryce was really yelling for 'Boppa'.
His sister Wynni was intently watching to see if Grandpa would turn and wave.

Glenn and Ryan were on the same team this year.

Pretty good leap for an old guy.

The tip off for game 2.  The last game as it turned out.

Ball handling

Does this look like a game 'just for fun'?  Pretty tough defense.

Cousin Ronnie and nephew Ryan

Shooting, but not making.
Glenn and Kathy had provided the "loaves and fishes".  Good grief, they brought food for the masses.  Everyone else contributed as well, so there was no lack of food.
Some of the kids were in the pool all day long.
Charli jumped in, swam to the steps, got out, and jumped in again about a thousand times.
I snapped this with my phone.  If you look closely, you'll see the blur of Charli's swimsuit and feet, as she ran past to jump in the pool.
My room was the changing room, potty room and dump your stuff room for the Luck people
It worked out great as it was right next to the pool and I did not have much of my own stuff.
I caught Emily getting beautiful.
This girl goes from wet head and swimsuit, to up-do and gorgeous faster than anyone I've ever met.

Ruby had lots of fun with cousin Anders, the two of them were "in motion" most of the weekend.
I didn't take many photos this weekend, wet kids in and out of the pool, don't make for great subject matter.
Plus I was busy relaxing.

Life is good.

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