Friday, February 8, 2013

It's always something

Two evenings in a row, my DVR stopped working.  The first night I called customer service, they did a remote reset and it worked again.  Last night, that fix did not do the trick.  The customer service rep told me I could either have a tech come out to the house or I could take my DVR to the CHARTER office and they would exchange the old DVR for a new one.  Well, things usually are never as easily done as the customer service folks make it sound, but I unhooked the DVR this morning (no easy task located on top of fireplace under TV) and hauled it to the office.  And within about  5 minutes, I was headed out the door with a new DVR and HDMI cable.  The HDMI cable then allows me to re-hook the Wii to the new TV.  So, not only do I have a new DVR that works, I also have my Wii hooked up again.
Amazing, I was expecting the worst and but ended up with the best.
Life is Good.

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