Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gaylord Nelson Chapter - National Audubon Society

Today I decided to attend the annual meeting of the Gaylord Nelson Chapter 
of the National Audubon Society.  

The meeting was in St. Croix Falls, so I had about an hour drive.  It was a good day to get out and about.  The roads are dry and the sun was trying to poke out.  My drive took me past the new Frac Sand plant near Poskin.  Oh my, it is a huge facility and the truck traffic on Highway 8 is going to have an impact on this area.  It made me kind of sad to see that huge facility on land that had been an open field.
There is much debate in this part of Wisconsin about the environmental and health impact of the Frac Sand mining and processing, but I won't spend time on the pros and cons here.

This was the second or third annual meeting of the Gaylord Nelson Chapter - National Audubon Society.  I had joined about a year ago when they were trying to get enough members to qualify to have a chapter.  
This was my first meeting.

The first part of the meeting was election of new officers.  Both Treasurer and President were up for grabs.  It was an awkward silence when they asked for nominations.  Two folks who were nominated, declined and then the silence was deafening.  It was close, I almost raised my hand.  It is a problem with being retired...I know I have the time and I am guilt ridden when I don't step up.  But, in this case, a husband and wife team offered to do it together which the group readily embraced.  After the meeting I made sure to offer my email and phone number in case I can be of assistance.
Brian Collins, he has a blog, gave a wonderful presentation about his life as an Ornithologist turned teacher turned back to ornithologist.  He works for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources as a bird surveyor and he gave a very interesting talk about living in the woods and walking some of the beautiful and untouched terrain of Northern Wisconsin as he surveys the bird population.  I really enjoyed it and learned.
At the end of the meeting, there was a door prize give away.  I was delighted when my name was called to win one of Brian's photographs.
This is a pine grosbeak.
I have yet to see one in the wild, although I hear they are around the Rice Lake area.
I would say the drive was well worth the trip.
I stopped in Luck on the way home, just briefly.  I had a little visit time with brother Gus and then headed East.  On the way home I was thinking about what I should make for my Weight Watchers dinner.  I missed having any lunch, so I am quite hungry.  I decided to stop at the store and get something 'legal' to make and something that would be a bit of a treat.
So, I am right now impatiently waiting for this pan of goodies to roast.
Yup, you see lobster tails.  They were only $4.99 each, so I figured I deserved it.
One for tonight and one for tomorrow.
Life is Good.

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