Sunday, February 3, 2013

Feeder Excitement

Saturday was a very pretty winter day.  Fresh snow, about 3/4 of an inch, and bright sunshine.
My bird feeders were busy busy with little songbirds like this Redpoll.
Isn't he pretty.  Such a bright patch on his little head.
Just as I was finished taking this photo, I saw a large shadow go buy and then the feeder was empty of little birds.
This guy had landed on this plant hook about 15 feet from my bird feeders.
This was taken through the living room window at an extreme angle.
So, while it is not tack sharp, you get the idea.

No doubt, this guy was looking for lunch.

He was perched right outside the bathroom window, 
but by the time I got there and pulled up the shade, 
he took one look at me, and flew to one of my maple trees.

 I believe this is a Sharp Shinned Hawk, juvenile.
He was about 12" tall and fits the description pretty well.
(Cooper's Hawk looks so similar, but is larger according to Sibley's)

It is very exciting to see a hawk this up close and personal, 
but he needs to find someplace else to get his meals!

My little songbird freeloaders returned to the feeders after about 20 minutes of this guy taking off.

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