Monday, February 27, 2017

The girls are done

The season ending games for both 
the Spring Valley Cardinals 
the Luck Cardinals 
were played on Saturday night.

I drove to Durand to see Alyxis and the Spring Valley team take on the Durand Panthers.  It was a rough night for our Cardinals.  I have to say that these girls kept fighting, even when the win was way out of reach.  I felt like Durand pressed too long into a huge lead, but Spring Valley kept their composure.
Pregame stretch and smiles

Pregame happy team
Team Spirit

Alyxis shoots


Alyxis and Sandy on defense

Alyxis goes for the rebound

Alyxis on defense

Alyxis waits

Alyxis goes for the ball

So, my time in the gym is almost over. 
I've enjoyed watching and photographing these two Cardinal girls teams.

The Luck girls finished their season at South Shore in a closer game.
A couple of photos from the last game I saw at Northwoods.
While I'm not closely related to any of these girls - one is a 2nd cousin once removed :-), I enjoyed watching them play and got to know them a little through my photos.
Coach Britta is my 2nd cousin's daughter and a good ball player in her days on the court.  Her assistant coach, Ronnie is my 2nd cousin and we grew up across the road from one another.

I'm proud of how this team represents Luck High School on the court,
and I'm sorry to see their season end.

It was an exciting season with  these Luck girls.

But so it goes.

The boys start tournament play on Tuesday night.
I hope we have several more games before it all ends.

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