Thursday, February 23, 2017

Major Drama!

So, I'm about to walk out of the house for a drive to Luck to watch the Cardinal girls take on Frederic in their first game of Regional Tournaments.  I grabbed a fresh camera battery and when I inserted into the camera battery compartment, a little piece of plastic flew off.  Not good. Major drama!

So, the little piece that holds the battery in place is now gone, so the battery does not make contact.  So, no camera.  Major drama.

I headed off to the game, sans camera.  Very weird for me.
So, here are the two photos I took with my cellphone,
It was a solid win for our girls.
Half Time

Final Score
So, the rest of the story.
I told my friend Agogo about my problem and she offered up her Nikon set up for me to borrow.
She wants to sell it and I'm pretty interested in buying.
It's a major upgrade for me for a fraction of what I would pay new.
So, I'm trying out her gear tonight at the last boys regular season game.
Steep learning curve.

Here are a couple of test shots from this morning, my most available photo subject.


Still some major drama to come about fixing the Pentax or buying the Nikon, but for now,
I'm back on the road again.

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