Friday, February 17, 2017


The long dreaded switch of cell phone carriers went quite easily.  I can say that today, but Laila still  hasn't received her new phone and made that switch work, but I'm pretty confident it will go without a hitch.
I like the new phone, looks like we will save a little money and driving to the ballgame last night I was never on roam!  I had service in the gym!  It is a miracle!


Speaking of success, I am completely caught up on my basketball photos.  All games have been edited and posted on @wjophotography on Facebook.  I am happy to be able to keep up on the remaining games.

Here are a couple of good ones from the other night when I had to sit in the front, courtside row.

Gage and Jack

The Luck Girls are done with season play and start tournaments on Tuesday.
The Luck boys have another week of season play.
It's an exciting time of year.
I love it.

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