Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Basketball on Saturday

Saturday was Stella's last weekend tournament for the year.
I didn't get there for the 9am game but saw her play at 11am and Noon.
She has fun playing, as do the other young ladies. 
Having fun is job one in my book. 
It's going to be fun to watch these girls improve and grow over the next several years.

Stella is a good ball handler

There's joy on her face when she's dribbling, reminds me of her older brothers

The ball is big for such small hands, but she does well

Added fun was that big brother Gage was one of the officials for this game.

Dad Kyle is assistant coach

These girls have spirit

Gage watches Stella on the baseline

The Cardinals lost the first game but won the 2nd game by 1 point.
They were so happy after the game.
I invested in a good stadium seat, I think I'll get my money's worth.

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