Saturday, February 25, 2017

A nice thing

Thank you notes are a nice thing.
I try to always write them, and I am always delighted to receive them.

On Thursday night at the game in Luck, one of the Junior Varsity girls came up to where I was sitting in the bleachers and handed me a note.  I really loved what she wrote and I might just enter some photos in the county fair next year, cuz who wouldn't want to win a ribbon?

Then, I got one in the mail, from another of the girls who plays on the Luck Girls Junior Varsity.
At the last girl's game, I dished out prints of my photos that I had taken over the course of the season of the Luck Cardinal players.  I didn't have many of the JV kids as I only saw a couple of their games.
So this was an added sweet surprise.

I especially loved that she hoped I had fun.
I sure did.

This is a very nice thing.

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