Saturday, July 2, 2016


The good thing about owning my own home, is where I live and the privacy.  
The bad thing is the upkeep.  
It seems like there is always something that needs fixed or painted or updated.  
Even with a house less than 15 years old, there is always something to be done inside & out.  
And then there are the outbuildings.  
The garage has a strip around the door that is in serious need of scraping and painting, 
but talk about boring work.  
I got the ladder out about a week ago, scraped for about 10 minutes 
and then quickly found some other task to divert my attention.  

Today, what I found to keep from the garage project, was a repair to Ansgar's silo.  

Some of you remember that I was given barn wood from my Grandfather Ansgar Johansen's 100 year old barn that was in bad shape and had to be dismantled.  
With that barn wood, I fashioned a miniature replica of the barn 
and then added a silo and weather vane for cuteness.  
Well, that was about 3 years ago and the silo had gone to rack & ruin. 

 I had also used roofing material in the original construction that was not authentic 
and in the meantime, had been given some of the tin off of Grandpa's barn roof. 
So, today, I got busy and put up a new silo (more to scale actually), 
took off the dreaded plastic roof, and screwed down the old corregated steel roofing sheets.

I was pretty tired of the weather vane constantly leaning over too,
so that got some behind the scenes structural support today.

 Things look tidy and proper again at Ansgar's barn.
This silo is a little bright right now, but it will weather and fit in as the summer goes by.

 It didn't take long to see that the Danish banner and Nisse should also move.

The Nissemen could use a refresh of the outfit color, but that might be something for another day.
I'm happy to see Ansgar's little barn and danish garden looking cared for and loved.

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