Sunday, July 17, 2016

Classy friends

I moved to Colorado after my freshman year at Luck High School.  
Trust me, it was NOT my idea.  
The move had to do with Dad's job and probably a fresh start for a marriage that was struggling.  None of that was important to me as a 15 year old girl.  
So, I focused on keeping my ties to my Luck friends and managed to finish high school at Lakewood High School making only a very few friends in those 3 years.
As it turns out, that was okay (other than the misery I probably caused my parents with my sulking) as those Luck friendships have stood the test of time and distance.

I'm happy to continue to be close with several of my Luck classmates and yesterday was a real treat as we gathered to reunite 45 years after graduation.

We had an informal meet up in Luck at The Bon Ton Tavern.  Out of 53 students, 13 were there yesterday.  It was really fun to find out about the lives of my friends, many are retired, many are still working but all seemed to be really enjoying their lives, even with health challenges that seem to come with being 60+ years old.

We decided to gather every year during Lucky Days, 
I to look forward seeing these folks again next year, 
and I'll have a good reason to go to Lucky Days too.

I'm also lucky to say that the closest friend I made at Lakewood High, 
continues to be a very close friend today.
Friends are such gifts.

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