Monday, July 18, 2016

A little gardening

I've had orchids in my kitchen window almost since I moved in here.  They bloom when I bring them home from the store, and then they start their descent into death.  I can't really have houseplants around indoors because the cats don't understand that they should not dig them up nor eat them, but the orchids seem to go untouched above the sink.

Recently I wrote about making a small succulent garden in a glass and I loved that so much, that I wanted to have another.  I found a few succulents on clearance and then starting looking around for glass containers in my cupboards; 
a cut crystal bowl that was given to me by a bridge playing friend, 
a wine glass from our Monet & Merlot evening, 
a wine tasting glass from the WITC Wine and Beer Tasting, 
and an olive boat that was my Moms. 

Now I have a nice little set of gardens on the window sill.
This is my kind of gardening, spray with water occasionally & enjoy.
I love my little gardens.

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