Friday, July 22, 2016

Here fishy fishy

Glenn and I were able to spend an afternoon on his pontoon boat fishing.  It was bright sunshine and humid, and only the little fish were biting, but it was still a fun day.
This pretty little dear was standing out in a soybean field not far from Glenn's cabin.
Later I heard that my friend Jan's daughter Amy had passed away that morning, so perhaps this was a little sign from Amy that she's still beautiful and at peace.
I like to think that way.

Glenn caught the first fish, it was also the smallest.

A green heron gave us a fly by and also perched high above us.
I think he was thinking of dive bombing for fishes.

I had just said to Glenn, show me a Belted Kingfisher and then this guy flew by.
Well, it's nice to be able to order in the birds I want to see.

We anchored the pontoon and fished the lily pads for a couple of hours.
Two loons swam and preened and relaxed for the whole time just out of the range of my biggest zoom lens.  They are fun to hear, and wonderful to see.
The preening involved rolling the white belly around and then lots of feather grooming.

 We also got to see a mature bald eagle and there was at least one young one circling around too.
This one, again a little bit too far away for a good photo, had a fish in his talons that I saw him nab out of the water.  No wonder we weren't catching anything, the eagles beat us to it.

As it turned out, I caught 4 fish, but as you can see, none were keepers.
But that's really fine with me, I didn't have to clean any fish!

I did get new line put on my reel, so that was a good thing, and Glenn showed me a few other tips.
Pumpkin Seed Sunfish

Large mouth bass

It was a fun day, and I was invited to stay for a burgers and on the grill supper.
Life is good!

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