Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Close Ups

Today Omaha visited the bird bath for a slurp of water.  
This isn't something I'm crazy about as I don't want him hunting my birds, 
but he only came and drank and then left, 
otherwise I would have had to have words with him.  
I'm always on the watch around my bird feeders and don't want him to linger any where near.
The sun was just right I guess as he gave no indication that he saw me through the window, so I got some great beauty shots of the little feline.  I got a close up look at him, he has a healing scratch over his left eye, but otherwise seems to be in pretty good condition.

He's pretty for an orange cat.

Thirsty cat
Yesterday we had a little standoff at the bird feeder.
A Mourning Dove was sitting on the platform and a Blue Jay kept flying in and trying to take over.
Interesting to me, the Mourning Dove stood ground and the Blue Jay left after making sure the dove got an earful.

Last night, I saw movement on the front deck and caught this bandit in the act.
He didn't leave until I opened the window and advised him that he should 

Never a dull moment.

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