Saturday, July 9, 2016

Not Much, just July

Not much going on around here, just normal July weather.
Some wicked storms rolled through this last week, but missed me, I'm very greatful.
My flowers are looking good.
Bee Balm always makes me think 'bad hair day'

This one is called Denver Daisy.  It is right by my front door to remind me of my pals out west.

My day lilies are blooming like crazy.
This one is my favorite right now.
I had a bear on the front deck Friday night, he was trying to open the metal trash can with thistle bird seed in it.  I heard a big clunk when he tipped the can over.
I opened the interior door and yelled at him through the storm door.  
At first he just sat and looked at me, but then he got frantic to get off the deck and could not find an escape route.  He must have come up the steps and climbed over the gate and then couldn't find that route.  
Finally, he climbed up on the railing and jumped off.  
I got a good look at him but didn't think to use my camera to get his mug shot.  
He was big.  
I hope he doesn't come back.  
Luckily the lid stayed on the trash can even through he was rolling the can around.  

This morning I added a new spinner to the yard.
I'm full on spinners now, but I love looking out the window in summer or winter 
and seeing them working away.

The yard is busy with little chipmunks, red squirrels, grey squirrels and gophers, too bad these spinners can't do something to scare some of those rodents away.
Owell, it's just July in Wisconsin I guess.

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