Sunday, July 24, 2016

20 years

Thanks to all who traveled to Luck for our reunion yesterday.  
We missed those of your who could not come, but certainly we understand.  
It sounds like next year will be in Des Moines, more details to come from the Iowa-anians.

This is the whole group who gathered in Luck celebrating 20 years of Johansen Cousin Reunions!

More photos later after I rest up a bit.

As long as I had the camera on a tripod & we had family gathered up, we took a few photos.

Alyxis and her Dad Andrew

Dana & Erin with Jackson & Jake

Andrew, Krista, Kaija, Dana with Kathy & Glenn

Something funny was going on that I couldn't see

I think Jackson was putting on an act just out of my line of sight.

Krista and her nieces Milli & Charli

Krista and Mark and their niece Alyxis

Krista & Mark

Kaija, Cordell, Mike
Charli, Milli, Bryce & Wynni

Kaija, Cordell, Mike
Charli, Milli, Bryce & Wynni
More reunion photos coming soon.

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