Monday, March 14, 2016

The world in black and white

I went into Rice Lake this afternoon to the Post Office and then decided to drive past the lake.
I had noticed open water on Sunday, so I had my camera along and was hoping to see a few birds.
What I saw, was the lake in black and white.
So, I decided to take some black and white photos of the foggy lake.
The ice is melting and the fog was rolling around, out near the open water the fog was very thick and looked like a boiling kettle of steam.
Here are a few photos from my day.
The lake in black and white and fog

Ghost-like Canada geese

With a mix of open water and ice, this couple looked to be hunting for a good nesting spot.

Canada goose flies into the abyss.
Down low, a Red Winged Black Bird photobombs.

A Canada goose that walks on water.
The forecast is for rain, I don't think the ice will last much longer.

Lake effect fog

The Rice Lake leaner

Stroller-ing through the fog

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