Thursday, March 24, 2016

5 years

5 years ago today I slipped on a little patch of ice hidden under a skim of snow, I landed on the driveway with a fractured left wrist.  
It was not a fun day and started 8 weeks of misery in a cast while the bones healed.  

One good part of that injury was that I ordered Kindle (because I could not hold a book with one hand) and I still use that Kindle for reading.  

Another good part was that several weeks into my healing I wandered into an ice cream/music store to treat myself to some ice cream and saw a sign on the door that said "piano lessons given here".  That started my adventure in taking up piano again.  I started lessons as soon as I was able to move my wrist after the cast was removed and I am still enjoying the lessons today.  

Some weeks more than others.

So, a little silver lining to a plaster cast.

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