Monday, March 28, 2016

Red Tailed

Today I saw a couple of red tailed animals, one I love and one not so much.

The Red Squirrel showed up at the bird feeder this morning.  They are pretty to look at but too destructive for my liking.  I'm sure later on this spring I'll hear the munching of that squirrel chewing on something under the house, sigh.

I went into town to buy cat food this afternoon, bad planning on my part to run completely out by the way, and on the way saw my favorite bird, the Red Tailed Hawk. This hawk perches on an old dead tree along the county road, and I see him almost every time I drive by.  Today I went prepared and pulled into try to take his photograph, but he didn't like it that I was on his turf.  So, I got a quick picture of him departing and then searching out another perch with no human interlopers.

Flying off to a safer perch.

Snubbing me

Time to find a new spot to hunt
What an amazing bird!

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