Friday, March 4, 2016

Regionals Game 1

The Cardinal boys played the Winter boys for the first game of the Regional Tournament.
It was a long drive over for the Winter folks on a Tuesday night.

The green socks are all about Jim Delany, Michael's father, who passed away a few weeks ago,

Luck has a great pep band, the drummer and the electric guitar player are very passionate.

Tournaments are always festive.

Good friend Jon with his granddaughter Aurora, Aurora came prepared.

Jack after the steal


Jack gets a look

Jack on defense

Jack on the steal



Jack on the run

Noah and Jack, last year for the cousins to be on the high school court together.


Jack and Payton

Michael on defense
Michael and Jack on D
A turnover

Michael goes for the steal

Michael to the hoop

Michael scores


Student fans

Final score

I bet it was a really long drive home for the Winter kids.
Tournaments are fun, but when you lose and your are done, it's emotional.

Game 2 is tonight, but it's snowing like crazy.
I hope we can get there, we will find out soon.
We are supposed to wear white tonight, I guess Mother Nature got the message!

Why does Mother Nature always mess with basketball tournaments?

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