Thursday, March 10, 2016

It might be Spring

I drove to Luck on Tuesday to pre-purchase our tickets for tonight's Sectional Tournament game at Superior.  The Luck Cardinals will play the Washburn Castle Guards.
From Luck, I headed Northeast to Shell Lake.  I had not done any cross country dinging around for a while, so took the vowels and consonants to get there.  
North on I, then E, then H, then B, or something like that.

I was escorted for a bit by 2 swans looking for their nesting spot.
I saw 3 American Eagles and numbers of Canada Geese.

I remember going to Shell Lake as a kid to visit my Mom's Aunt Elvira and Uncle Ernie, but they lived on a farm out in the country, my friend Jeri lives on Shell Lake and it was the first time I have driven along the lake.

I enjoyed lunch and a relaxed visit with Jeri before heading back home.
I'm looking forward to more time out looking around with my camera riding shotgun.

But first, this afternoon we head to Superior to watch our Cardinals play ball.

 Go Cardinals!

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