Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Tour Through Europe

Friday night I attended a concert by The Luck Area String Ensemble.
My great niece Milena is playing violin and was part of this musician group.

I was guessing which chair / violin would be Milena's.
Third from the right.

This Photo from Director Josh Pedraja's Facebook page.
Milena is 3rd from the right.
Milena with Dad's violin

Milena played 2nd violin in this concert.
You'll see several other Johansen musicians listed, but they are not related to me.
Two Johansen families lived a couple of miles apart when I was growing up.
The two families were not related, but both families have deep roots in that community.
Now, the Johansen offspring from both families play their stringed instruments together in this ensemble.

 The concert was a delightful mix of tempo and style.
I so enjoyed the music and the evening.
I'll be sure to be there for recitals in May.

Great niece Milena with Dad's violin.

 This violin has history and looks to have a long life ahead.
Dad's violin in case, before restoration.

I found this advertisement in a 1909 Sears catolog.
This may not be the exact model, but it is very close.
 I can only imagine how truly happy Dad would have been to have heard his violin make such lovely music in the hands of his great granddaughter Milena.

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