Sunday, March 27, 2016


I added a new cat bed to the living room about 3 weeks ago.
For 2 weeks the cats would lay close enough to almost touch it, occasionally reaching out a paw and pressing on the side, but neither cat actually set foot on the bed.
Finally, Barley was brave and tried out the new bed, shortly after, Hops did too.
Hops catching a nap

The weather change has been trending towards being Springlike, cold at night and warm during the day, this is key to good maple sap runs.  I can see the sap running down the trees in my yard and I'm reading about good sapping on social media.  I guess the birds figured it out too.

 Common Redpoll slurping up some of the maple sap.
No pancakes in sight.

All that sugar probably makes a bird sleepy and thirsty, so is good the bird bath is close by.

The season is changing, it's a good time of year.
The kitties are embracing the new bed.
Life is Good.

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