Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The loop

We are refinancing our cabin, so on Tuesday, I took advantage of a baseball game in Baldwin and toted the required paperwork around for signatures.  I started in Luck to visit my newest Great Nephew, August before my appointment at the bank.
Holding baby August was a treat.
I think he will be baby Gussie to me.
Then, on to the bank and a meeting with my private banker, Kyle.  
He had everything ready for me and I headed off on my trek.
I stopped briefly to see all the work Lois has been doing on her landscaping at the new house.
Then I was off to Baldwin.
Jackson waits on the pitch.

No hits in this game, but he had a couple good swings.

Jackson wasn't smiling at me, but I'm glad I caught this.
He has camera avoidance most of the time.
 Little brother Jake had a game too, but at a different field and in a nearby town.
I didn't get to see Jake play this time, but he had his look nailed down.
A spittin' image of his Dad at this age, Jake is super cool.
Once the game was over and I had all the signatures I needed, I continued on my way.
My last stop was at Big Moon Lake to see Glenn.
We watch two loons right in front of his cabin.
One caught a big fish and paddled well out into the lake to keep it away from the other.
But, the camera was in the car.

Home by 9pm and my mission accomplished
 plus I held the newest baby and captured a few baseball moments.

163 miles on the car & Life is pretty dang good most days.

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