Friday, June 19, 2015


Glenn invited me to Big Moon Lake for a day of fishing on the Pontoon boat today.  We haven't spent a day fishing for several years now.  
The weather was iffy but was nice enough to go anyway.
We did lots of fishing, but there was no biting.
This eagle vocalized a couple of times 
otherwise we would never have noticed him keeping watch over the lake.

Later he flew across the lake and then was joined by at least one juvenile.
The juvie was soaring and looked like he was having fun.  
The adult vocalized several times, offering concern or advice?  Who knows.

We have several of these little beauties following us around the lake today.  Landing on our toes, our worms and our coolers.  Such delicate wings.

 A storm started rolling in, so we moved closer to shore, in case we needed a fast get a way.
This is the Lake Cottage from the water.
It's a sweet spot.

 While we were anchored right out in front of the cabin, Glenn had the first, and only, bite of the day.
A little bass that needed a little dental work before it could be released.

 I told Glenn to hold up the fish and stretch it.
Not big enough to be a keeper.

We heard rolling thunder and headed for shore.
A storm rolled across the lake just as we had secured all our items and were safely indoors.

It got nice again, and I sat by the shore for a bit while Glenn cast a few more times, 
he caught a tiny perch.

Then there was bolt of lightening and we bolted for the indoors.
Fishing trip was over and out.

The rain didn't amount to much but the news says there was a tornado like event near Amery.
I guess I'm glad we got off the lake when we did.

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