Thursday, June 4, 2015

Busy with a Great nephew

Great nephew Anders and I had a fun Monday.  He is writing a list of everything we do each day to show his Mom when she gets back from her visit in California.   
Anders will be in first grade next year, his spelling is very phonetic right now.
I'll explain.
Anders is writing a list about our adventures

1.  Slept in - no school,  no alarm clocks,  but he was up at 8:30am
2.  Watched Daniel Tiger - I  am getting updated on PBS cartoons.
3.  Breakfast - Anders is very consistent.  He doesn't really like to try new food & he likes the same thing for breakfast everyday,  cereal and milk, but he doesn't like the milk that is left in the bowl,  too bad my kitties aren't here, they love it.
4.  Built car - I brought a little wooden rave car kit along, glue and paint and stickers will make a fun toy.
The parts and pieces

Getting started, first he glued the wheels on

5.  Played basketball - Anders has a hoop now, lots of hours of fun will be had.  I asked him to teach me how to shoot and he explained how to hold my hands on the ball and also how to block.
It was a perfect evening for shooting hoops

6.  Lunch - Anders loves Ramen noodles, so I made a package for his lunch.  He told me that when Mom makes the noodles they are whiter, not sure what I did wrong.

7.  We went to Buena Vista Park - I  love this park that overlooks Alma and a person can see for miles.  Lots of birds singing and a wonderful swing for a little boy. 
A bright sunny morning at Buena Vista

The map points out some interesting sights from the overlook.

Anders likes this swing, it can really go high.

Anders brought his Leapfrog along and used the camera feature to take some pictures.

On the way down from Buena Vista, we saw these two yearling deer.

Those deer climbed up a steep rock ledge to get to safety.

8.  Went to Sherri's.  Sherri used to live in Luck.   She has a farm with horses, chickens,  geese and a big dog.   We didn't stay to long,  she was busy mowing grass.

9.  Went to Cheese Factory.  We stopped for ice cream at the Cheese Factory - Nelson,  Wisconsin is home to a good cheese store, and they have yummy ice cream cones.   Anders and I  sat on a bench and ate our cones.
He liked sitting on this bench, eating our cones and watching the cars go by.

10.  Went home, saw a helicopter - On the way home, Anders saw a helicopter out his window.  I couldn't see it because I was driving and it was almost right over us.  It was very exciting for him. 

11. We went to t-ball practice.   Anders loves t-ball and after a little confusion about where practice was being held, I got to watch him learn the basic skills including throwing, catching, fielding, running bases and finally hitting.  There must have been 40 kids at practice.  I was expecting chaos, but the coach had a few helpers and soon there were 4 or 5 groups practicing specific skills, the kids rotated to through the skill practice and had fun.

12.  Ate pizza.  Anders loves pizza and he surprised us by eating several pieces.

13.  Watched Ninja Warriors.  Anders favorite TV show is the American Ninja Warriors show.  He watched intently and when it was over, announced he was going to bed.

It was a full day for us both. He's a nice little boy who listens and aims to please.  How Great is that!

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