Sunday, June 28, 2015

Music in the park

Luck has a beautiful gazebo in the triangle park on Park Avenue.  
It was built for the 100 Years of Luck celebration some years ago 
and now is used weekly for a community music gathering.

Last week, Ryan & Camilla's youngest, Milena, 
was part of a String Ensemble that played for the evening.
Milena in the pink dress.
It was a very nice night outdoors and the music was well done.
I was glad to get to hear her in the group and she looked lovely, dressed up as a musician would be in a string ensemble.

 Lois brought grandkids Jens and Ruby with her to the music.
Dad Kyle was there working at the grill and concessions, so Grandma was in charge.

The stringed music didn't captivate these little ones who found fun in being screwballs.
By the way, Jens takes great pleasure in picking out his own outfits.
He's a character.

A nice outing and it is always good to see Luck friends 
and family while enjoying a summer evening.
I only saw a few deer on the way home and all stayed clear of my path, yay.

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