Monday, May 26, 2014

Warm weather arrives

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, warm weather has arrived in Northern Wisconsin.
The song bird migration is all but over, I have just a one or two orioles hanging around eating jelly.
This rose breasted grosbeak might stay for a while yet, I hope.
It was such a fun migration with so many birds in the yard.

A robin has nested in my blue spruce tree in the backyard, and she is very bothered whenever I am in the yard.  She lets me know her displeasure and scolds me loudly.
I'm trying to stay out of her way.
Robin sitting on eggs in backyard
The warmer weather helped the trilliums really pop too.
I've only had one trillium until this year when a second one popped up in a different location.
I'm hopeful for even more next year.
New trillium this year

Trillium with little bee

The wild plums are also blooming, it looks like a good year for these trees.
I spent Saturday visiting greenhouses and collecting bedding plants and a few perennials to add to my yard this season.  On my way to one greenhouse, I checked out the eagle's nest again.
I'm hoping to get lucky and stop in when the little birds decided to start taking flight.
The mother eagle looked warm, no shade up there on a hot day, she was panting through her open beak.  She also kept looking down and took one stretch and moved around, so I am just guessing that there are little eaglets in the nest.  I'll be checking in again soon.
I took a new route home and ran across this old barn, it's a shame to see them going to rack & ruin.

I spent Sunday planting all the flowers I had purchased and now I am hoping for a little rain tonight to get all the new plants a good start.  It's nice to see the pretty flowers again after the long winter.
Ruby begonia
The weather is great, the sky is blue, what more can we ask for.

I hope you had a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day.
It's good to take time to remember.

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