Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Drive

I took a drive over to Glenn & Kathy's lake cottage this afternoon.  I needed to get out in the fresh air after a couple of days on the sickbed with a rotten cold & cough.  On the way there, I stopped off to check an eagle's nest just West of Chetek.
I tried a technique of holding my cellphone camera lens up to the eyepiece of my binoculars.
I could see an eagle in the nest, but after about 10 minutes of watching, I didn't see a mate and I didn't see any little eagle heads popping up.  I'll check it again soon and see if I can see if there are babies.  It would be a treat to see them fledge off this nest if there are.

This nest is huge.
 On my way to the nest, I saw this old barn, and when I got to the backside, I decided to pull over and take a few pictures.  Then I saw that it is a beer barn.
This is a Leinie's ad just waiting to happen.

I stopped at a little roadside called Quaddary Creek to see if I might see any warblers.  I did see a yellow rumped warbler but nobody else.  It's a nice little spot not far from home.  Next time, I'll bring my lawn chair.
Do you see him?
First road trip for the new sled.
We're both getting used to each other.

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