Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I ordered rain, and Mother Nature delivered in a big way

After planting on both Saturday and Sunday, I was hoping we would get a little rain.  Mother Nature does the best job of watering everything.  I really got my wish!  I woke up to light rain this morning, it stopped long enough that I went out and pulled some weeds out of the peony garden, and then it really got with the program.  I just saw that several roads in our area are flooded.  My plans to make a run to the grocery are on hold until tomorrow, I don't need to add to the traffic and problems that high water can cause.
A few birds have been dropping in between rain drops.
This female grosbeak just stopped by for a snack in the pouring rain.

A chickadee found a good spot to sit it out.

The Orchard Oriole male is still hanging around and even though he is wet, he wanted some jelly.
Photos through windows and pouring rain aren't stellar, but you get the idea.

We've had a soaker most of the day,  I emptied 2 tenths our this morning, and just now another 1.5 inches, so nearly 2 inches today, and it is still raining.  I noticed a lot of mosquitoes when I went out just now, I suppose it is time for 'the hatch'.
I am happy we got the rain, it can slow down now.
Life is Good.

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