Sunday, June 11, 2017

That was yesterday

Yesterday morning, a warm breeze was blowing.  I took some photos of the peonies just in case the wind messed with them.  

Crinkled White Peony from:

Nice Gal Peony from

Now I'm glad I did.

LeRoy's iris stood up to yesterday's wind, with a little help.

This morning, when I went out, all the peonies that were in bud, were laying down.
The hot wind did a number on them.
So, I snipped them all and brought them in for a large vase of peonies.
Some will open, and be lovely.
They were doomed laying on the ground.

The iris were all bent over too, so I cut a bunch of those for in the house too.

Then, about noon, a wicked high wind, hard rain storm came through.
Everything took a beating.
The deck furniture on the back deck was sliding across the deck, including the cat condo.
Nothing I could do but watch it go.
Luckily, it all piled up on the one side and nothing was damaged.

But, after the storm, the peonies are all done looking lovely.

One of my nice big maple trees in the front yard broke off about 5 feet off the ground.

The windmill is toast, but the little barn is okay.

Ryan said he'll come this week and clean this up for me.
I am so grateful for a nephew with chain saw skills and time for me.
Kind of a bummer day here.
The yard is strewn with sticks, I'll be picking those up for days and days.
Leaves everywhere and the hanging baskets are pulverized.
Some stuff will come back, time will tell.
I had just dosed all my plants and bushes with 10-10-10 granular fertilizer, 
I suppose that washed away to China.
(I wonder... when stuff washes away in China, do they say it washes away to Wisconsin)

Well, nothing serious was damaged, I'm seeing photos on Facebook of bad stuff in Rice Lake and the pumpkin patch folks across the road had a huge party tent up, and that is now down.
So, all in all, I'm okay, just a little crabby.

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