Saturday, June 17, 2017


I've flown a flag on my porch ever since 9/11.  I used to hang a seasonal / decorative flag,  but switched to the American flag on 9/12/2001.

But since Dad passed,  I fly it for him.  He was a proud American war veteran and he loved to see the flag fly.

Once the trees were cleaned up in the yard,  I got motivated again to work around the yard today to finish the storm damage repairs.   The wind pulled the 3 two inch screws right out of the flag pole bracket.  Today,  I decided to move the bracket to the other side of the front steps,  moved it up as high as it could go and re-mounted on the porch pergola using 3 inch screws.  It will be trickier for me to take down to change flags,  but that's only twice a year & maybe Mother Nature will leave it alone  

Old glory flying higher & prouder.
Dad would have liked that. 

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