Saturday, June 24, 2017


Friday afternoon I took a drive to Luck but I detoured through Balsam Lake, Wisconsin. I had read an article about the Polk County Historical Society and their Museum and had decided I was overdue for visit there. The Old Courthouse has been turned into the museum and the volunteers have really done an unbelievable job of creating displays of the many different facets of the folks who have lived in Polk County. I was particularly interested to see the Old courtroom and while most of the space has been divided up into displays, the Judges Bench and library is still intact.

II spent an hour in the museum,  which was barely enough time to go through the 3 floors, just to get an idea of what is there.  I'd like to go back again and really see what I can see.   I know very little about the history of the county outside of the area near Luck where I spent my childhood. It's important to preserve the past, these folks have captured a lot of history in that old building.

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