Monday, June 5, 2017

Ironing will be fun

Finally (after seeing & using these at quilt retreats) I made myself an oversized (58") oblong, platform ironing board.  A fancy way to say,  I had an oak board, added cleats / feet on the bottom,  covered the top with ironing pads and then a final covering of a striped fabric, a measuring tape on the edge for decoration,  and Ta Da!

The board sits on a 48" folding table (or any flat surface).  Under the table legs are bed risers, which makes it a very comfortable height for ironing.  And without the board,  it's a nice height for cutting fabric.  

The table sits nicely at the end of my kitchen island making for a perfect set up for quilt-camp-at-home.  

It's nice to have the tools. 

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