Saturday, June 24, 2017

One thing

This spring when I started getting my deck furniture out,  I had a thought that the big table on the front deck wasn't really what I wanted. It took up too much space & since it's mostly just me here,  seating for 6 is unnecessary.   So,  one nice Saturday, I hauled the set, minus the 2 swivel chairs,  to the end of the driveway, attached a free sign,  and soon saw it get loaded up into a pick-up truck on its way to a new home.  

That started the ball rolling. 

I needed some kind of table oon the deck,  so I dug out a plastic one that used to be on my deck in Colorado.   It has been painted a couple of times, and needed some new paint but was otherwise just fine. 

So,  some spray paint, a couple of new cushions, and a rearrangement of the lounge set and I'm very pleased with the cozy front deck.  For the first time,  I'm spending more time out front,  eating, reading or watching the activity at the bird feeders.

One thing sure leads to another. 

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