Sunday, June 4, 2017

A day of June

Today was a very nice day with temperatures in the 70s and a breeze.  I worked on getting the power washer running so that I  could clean the decks.  After some struggle to get the engine to start (operator error) I finally got it running.  But once I turned on the water, I had a bigger problem.  Water was spraying from everywhere, except the hose.  I suppose it didn't get drained and froze, bursting the seals (more operator error).  So,  instead of power washing,  I used my fireman's nozzle and gave both decks a good cleaning,  & it's probably good enough for this year. 
Most importantly I cleaned up the cat condo and now the cats are getting a little outside time.  Airing out the cats - thanks for that phrase Suzi!

Hops was never too interested in the past,  but today she stood at the door like she wanted to join us,  so both cats are getting a little refreshed.
Hops seemed to enjoy being out and settled down until it got a little too warm and she was panting.  So she got a ride back inside,  but Barley stayed anther hour or more. 

A pleasant afternoon (and I'm not sad that I didn't get to stand over the power washer all morning). 

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