Saturday, November 26, 2016

Winter Photography

I was driving to Luck for Thanksgiving dinner and passed by Bass Lake on Highway 48 near McKinley townhall.  The air was so still that the lake was like a mirror. 
The sky was winter white and there was frost and a little rain in the air.
My good camera was at home, so these are with my cell phone.
I hope you feel the mood.

There was a Canada Goose crossing the lake, otherwise, not a ripple.

On Saturday I went to Luck to do a few errands and stopped on County Road N to take this photo of West Denmark Lutheran Church from across the lake.
It was just by luck that the geese photo bombed me.
West Denmark Lutheran Church has a long history in this area.
Originally built in 1899, a fire took down that first church in 1937.
Rebuilt by a primarily Danish group of craftsman, the 2nd church burned in 1985.
Now standing is the third building for a congregation with roots to Denmark and roots in Wisconsin.
I grew up in this church community and when I attend services I am surrounded for cousins and friends.
A special place.

Winter photography is almost black and white photography.
It's always interesting to see what you get.

I put a wreath on the folks' grave today.
This year I chose blue decorations for the wreath.
Blue and Silver were Ev's colors.
Now, some snow will make it look really pretty.

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