Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Hunt

The first weekend of deer hunting is coming to a close, I have not heard of any successful Johansen hunters, I saw a photo on Facebook of a Mortel buck.  I'm always glad when everyone is out of the woods and safe.  Some days, it is my job to worry a little bit.

But not too much.  Mostly this weekend I have been enjoying having no tasks waiting to be done, no place to go, no cleaning or rearranging to do.  I've enjoyed quiet time with the kit kats, 

Very little stress at my house right now.
watching football and reading and catching up on my crossword puzzles.

The little bit of snow we had has gone except for the back deck and a few spots here and there.  My outdoor clean up & put away is still undone, but it will either get done, or not.  Two years ago I could not do anything because of my ankle surgery and it was not an international incident.  So, time will tell if I get things tidied up now, or if I do it all in the Spring.

Back to my book.

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