Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Drive

On Wednesday, I took a drive Up North.  I could not be home as Jeff was working on finishing the flooring job.  I was bummed about election results, so thought a trip to the cabin would be a good diversion.
It was a pretty drive up and the cabin looked good.  I saw wolf tracks right up to our driveway, so I'll be more aware up there from now on, would love to get a photo of one of those characters.

As I was leaving the cabin, I saw a couple of deer messing around in a yard.
The deer are so well camouflaged this time of year, I think they have the advantage against the hunters who will start roaming the woods in a couple of weeks.

The drive was good, and when I got home the floor was finished.
Now it is time to paint walls, I'll start that tomorrow.

Life goes on, eh?

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